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What do you think about the 2020 events and how they will affect the luxury watch industry?

I must say that I do not think the desire for high-end watches has changed. This was very evident in our online sales. We accelerated them during the lockdown, and they went crazy.Rolex Replica Watches The success was due to the fact that we built the online platform correctly. We launched the platform already ready, so there was no need to rush into integrating online sales when nobody could leave home.

I found it interesting that this year, people were really interested and read everything. They wanted to be informed. If you can create a narrative rich environment and have watches that have ties to the most significant and inspiring acts of human history, like the Speedmaster's story and the Space Program, people will respond enthusiastically.

Warren Buffet famously said: "When you look at the water,Patek Philippe replica watches you can see who is naked." This year the tide was in and we saw that some brands were gaining market share and others were really struggling. What was the difference?

This year has been tough for brands who are authentic and make watches that truly reflect their DNA. This year was a very tough one for those who made tactical moves or had marketing-driven strategies.

Do people turn to their established models and brands in times of crisis?

In these tough times, brands without a real history, those who do not have the best watches and are not the leaders in their respective categories will fail. In these difficult times, it's important to return to our real values. We go back home to friends, family and the relationships which are most authentic.