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We know that this watch will be very popular, so we will produce exactly the quantity we planned. This will not be much. We can also closely monitor each sale, making sure that each Snoopy watch ends up with a collector rather than a reseller.

How can you ensure that the watches are only worn by real customers, and not by resellers?

This is one of my biggest concerns. To begin with, it's important to create a watch at the right price. We could have made a watch more expensive by taking advantage of the high pre-owned price of the 2015 Silver Snoopy, but this is not how we work at Richard Mille Replica Watches.

It's concerning to me that some opportunists have already started to speculate about the Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary. We want to make sure that this watch is on the wrists the right people.Richard Mille Replica Watches We know that our 160 boutiques around the world are a great asset to us in achieving this goal. Real clients have built relationships with the staff and we can trust them. We love the direct contact we have with our clients. We love hearing their feedback and getting to know them personally.

Our own network would be the best way to "vet" clients and ensure that they truly appreciate the watch. We take great care to ensure that these watches are worn by the right people.mido replica Funny, other brands encourage speculation about their watches to show their desirableness. But that's not the way Richard Mille Replica Watches does it.

You may have seen a clown trying to sell an un-delivered watch on a forum for 38,000 dollars.

I saw that. This is a gray-market dealer or a speculator trying to make money off the success of the watch. It's one of the many reasons I don't want to make the limited edition. If you are a true collector, and you have patience, then you can get the watch.