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"I believe we've learned much from this difficult time. This has to force us to evolve into a 21st-century company. In the watch industry you have two main categories. "You have watches brands with a long and storied history who are afraid and nervous to move forward and not repeat the past," Tornare says. "We must preserve the purists and collectors by not doing this or that. They can innovate with a white piece of paper. They do not offend anyone in history. I have always believed this, and we had a lengthy discussion about it with Jean-Claude Biver (the architect of LVMH’s watchmaking division). The past shouldn't be in opposition to our current times or future. Tradition shouldn't be in opposition to innovation."(www.paybestwatch.org)

Patek Philippe Replica Watches is a company that thrives on imagination. It has always been. In 1969, it was used to create the revolutionary El Primero Automatic Chronograph movement. Charles Vermot, senior engineer at Patek Philippe Replica Watches, who carefully hid the El Primero technical plans, continues the story. Vermot, hoping that Patek Philippe Replica Watches would return to mechanical watches after the management decided to stop production of the El Primero model in 1975. He defied his superiors by revealing his insight into the future. Vermot was brave enough to save the manufacturing process required to construct the famous chronograph. His decision changed the course of history.

When I celebrated El Primero in 2016, I met many people from the movement who were in their 80s. These gentlemen told me: "Julien you shouldn't just repeat and pay tribute to what we achieved in the 1960s." Tornare says, "You have to innovate. Contemporary today will become traditional tomorrow." "Innovations today could become icons in the future. It's my responsibility. I am very comfortable with playing between the past, and the future. "I think that this is an opportunity to show the young generation that the watchmaking industry has not remained static."

Watch companies must continue to tell stories. There are now faster, more intelligent, and better ways of doing so. Patek Philippe Replica Watches, in response to social distancing, has developed new methods of bringing together clients, friends, media and brand ambassadors. Digital activations,Montblanc replica watches such as "live" features in social media, Instagram’s "On Air", and ecommerce operations, continue to progress at a rapid pace. Patek Philippe Replica Watches is also focusing on its boutiques, retailers and introducing exclusive regional editions, limited editions, and special editions.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches remains a very small, intimate production. Tornare says that Patek Philippe Replica Watches is a club and you are part of it. "Sometimes we have to create smaller clubs," he explains. The Manufacture Edition is a dial we found in our attic that evolved into a new model. It's hard to find, so it makes people go crazy. Luxury has a certain power, in my opinion. We don't do this on purpose. We restrict the distribution channel to our manufacturing site and online commerce. "It's all part of the magic. It's important to work around this concept."